As the snow melted the sheep found their green grass again to eat. Many sheep keep the East Devon fields tidy in the winter when most of the cattle are not to be seen as they winter in the warm sheds on the farm, being fed the silage that had been made in the summer close to the village of Dalwood.

Some ewes on the Devon Farm have already had their lambs and can be seen in the fields with their mothers, you may think it is too cold for them but as long as their mums give them a good helping of milk to fill their bellys, they are fine out in the cold with their mums. These young ewes will not be lambing until March, so by then the days will be longer and brighter. A superb time for a holiday in the splendid holiday cottages.

We have many snowdrops that bring cheer to us, it shows us spring is on its way soon. The winter is a very beautiful time, the bulbs are moving up out of the ground and soon more flowers will be seen. A lovely sight for visitors alike that want to have a peaceful getaway staying at the luxury holiday accommodation near Honiton and Axminster.

Thoughts of summer and the warmer months.